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Cookies & Cream

(2 customer reviews)


Cookies & Cream protein bites covered in 70% Dark Chocolate is made totally out of beans chocolate so you will taste the We guarantee you we have the best snacks accessible on the lookout

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CleanProtein NEW! Cookies and Cream Bites are a unique twist on a classic flavor combination. Enrobed with delicious 70% dark chocolate flavored cream with yummy crunchy chocolate cookie bits you won’t believe it has just 3g of sugar and 15g of Protein!




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CleanProtein’s simple rule is to make cuisine that we can eat and enjoy. We are a joyful, gregarious, and adventurous group of people that enjoy being outside. In addition, we are creating cuisine that families and children may enjoy together on a happy picnic or at the beach.

Our mission is to develop unique, delectable snacks that never sacrifice taste for nutrition. Even more, Clean Protein reduced sugar, and plant-based products make incorporating healthful, well-balanced foods into your daily routine simple and pleasurable.

Our initial product has three types of protein: pea, rice, and whey from milk sourced from the greatest suppliers across the country.

We’re so proud of our delicious protein cookies and cream that we’ve even served them in front of the fabled Dragons. Furthermore, our protein cookies and cream are meant to offer a high protein content as well as a moreish flavour without the monotonous “chalky” flavour that many other protein bites have.

Every Clean Protein bites, cookie and cream, and flapjack contains tasty oats, which provide natural sweetness and energy to help fuel your activities or refresh you after a gym session. Moreover, but forget about exercise even if you’re just searching for protein snacks to graze on in between meals, we’ve got you covered.

These items are approved as high in fibre, high in protein, low in refined flour. Moreover, they are low in trans fats, and low in cholesterol. Furthermore, these products include no preservatives and have been rigorously tested to verify that there are no agricultural or metal pollutants. In addition, unrefined cane sugar is used in the production of these snacks. And guess what el​se? They’re delicious!


Protein Blend (Whey Concentrate, Milk Protein Isolate, Whey Protein Isolate), Non-GMO Prebiotic Corn Fiber. In addition, Almond Butter, Dairy Protein Crisp, Sunflower Oil, Chocolate Cookies Crumble. Even more, Vegetable Glycerin, Sunflower Lecithin, Erythritol, 70% Dark Chocolate, Natural Flavors, Stevia, Sea Salt.

Contain: Tree Nuts, Soy, Milk,

Naturally: Occurring Sugar

In addition, it May Contain Traces of Peanuts, Egg, Wheat

Furthermore, processed in the same facility as eggs, peanuts, soy, wheat, and tree nuts.

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Many in stock

2 reviews for Cookies & Cream

  1. Asim

    Every bite was pure pleasure

  2. Saniya Mahboob

    It is really good. I love having small snacks with my coffee/tea. I like that this allows me to have a perfect yummy snack without ruining my calorie count for the day. I love how I get my protein by snacking on my favorite flavor!

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