Frequently Asked Questions

Shipping FAQs

We charge Rs.300 on all orders.

We are currently working with TCS and PostEx Logistic

Yes, we ship all over Pakistan with swyft and leopards logistics 

Lahore 48 hours , rest of Pakistan 72 hours

Shipping Location FAQs

Last Order Processing Before 6PM.

48 hours (Cash On Delivery available).

Same day dispatch from Lahore Office, delivery with in 72 hours by courier service (Cash On Delivery)

Cash On Delivery
Bank Transfer

General FAQs

This is one of the most common faqs. Protein restores and re-energizes the body. Even if you are not always active, your body still loses protein on a daily basis, leaving you fatigued. You can now get a Clean Protein Healthy Bites! It has the power of protein as well as the goodness of fibre, glutamine, omega-3, and 21 vitamins and minerals, all of which provide balanced nutrition. That isn’t everything. In reality, each Clean Protein bites is a tasty and convenient power snack that provides you with extended hours of sustained energy.

Clean Protein Bites is more than simply a snack. It’s high in protein, and fibre, and provides hours of sustained energy, making it the ideal go-to power snack.

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Peanut Butter protein bites are gluten free.

Peanut butter bites are keto friendly.

No, We don’t use sugar.

We use Callebaut Dark Chocolate from Belgium.